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Driving home one night, British Home Secretary Stella Simmons' self-driving car is remotely hijacked by a mysterious man.

Our Story


Trinity Creative Partnership Ltd is an independent sales and distribution company specialising in documentaries, feature films and television series. We work across all physical (DVD & Blu-ray), digital, SVOD and TV platforms worldwide. For over 20 years, Trinity has managed the commercial release of thousands of titles across the world.

Our network includes many independent distributors, sales agents, and producers in the UK and abroad. 

Every year, Trinity works with its clients to develop and distribute their new content, as well as provide them with the ability to exploit their large libraries of content and material.

Latest Releases

Continued Growth

“We continue to see our physical business grow, and, with a strong slate scheduled for this year and into next, we see a very bright future. We are pleased to continue our very successful relationship with our sales partner Trinity.” 

Chris Holden, Second Sight Films

“With the unique sales focus and drive that the team at Trinity shows every day, 101 Films has seen exponential growth in its digital, TV, SVOD, and AVOD numbers over the last two years.” 

Tim Scaping, 101 Films

"As viewers can now be reached globally thanks to digital outlets making stories more accessible than ever before, our relationship with Trinity has been imperative to ensuring that our titles, which are all by and about marginalised communities, reach that scale of audience."

Andy Caley, Bohemia Media

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