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Dracula Bloodline

Dracula Bloodline

American psychologist, Dr. Lesley Parker, is in Paris studying under famous hypnotist Dr. Charcot. Her aim is to use hypnotism to treat phobias resulting from repressed childhood trauma. Her plans are interrupted when she meets Val Drakul, Charcot’s latest patient, a young Romanian, whose ancient ancestor was Dracula. His recurring blackouts coincide with the grisly murders and he is convinced that he is the nocturnal culprit and has fallen victim to the family curse. Intent on proving that Val’s suspicions of vampirism are merely psychosomatic, Lesley brings Val back to California making him part of a new group of patients suffering from phobias. But when the patients start dying one by one, it seems the Parisian killer is amongst them again and Val might actually be a vampire.

  • Director

    Jon Keeyes

  • Cast

    Presley Money, Ian Sinclair, Erica Leerhsen

  • Label


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