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  • Pandamonium

    Ariel has only been working at her new job a few weeks, trying to gain favour by working late she soon finds that the boys on the top floor like to party hard as they bring in a bunch of strippers for a late night office party, a bunch of strippers who she used to work with.


    But this party is about to go off the rails as a serial killer with taste for exotic dancers has his sights set on this group of girls and he'll stop at nothing to fill his thirst for stripper blood. It's gonna be Pandamonium. 

    The 9th feature from Mycho Entertainment Group and prequel to SLASHER HOUSE 2 and its infamous Panda-headed Killer. 

    • Director

      MJ Dixon

    • Cast

      David Hon Ma Chu, Oriana Charles, Dani Thompson

    • Label

      101 Films

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