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2020: The Dumpster Fire

2020: The Dumpster Fire

Director Rod Webber illustrates politics between 2016-2020, specifically following the presidential campaigns of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and discussing the difficulties Americans faced in 2020. Starting off following presidential campaigning sights in 2016, Rod illustrates the different political viewpoints of both candidates and argues that the media can be misleading and politicians don’t always have an answer. As the political and social climate of 2020 escalates, Rod begins investigating the opinions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter, protests, riots, and the unemployment crisis. Finally, the documentary highlights Rod’s close friend Lauren espisa, a Liberal Activist, who he follows and learns about her political endeavors.

  • Directors

    Rod Webber

  • Cast

    Rod Webber, Lauren Pespisa, Vermin Supreme

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