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Death of a Vlogger

Death of a Vlogger

Combining found footage, archive materials, talking head interviews, and ripped youtube videos, Death of a Vlogger is a mockumentary horror that explores the dark side of the internet.


When Graham, a YouTube vlogger, finds that his comedy sketches aren't pulling in the followers, he decides to up his game. Suddenly, he rises to fame when he captures a paranormal incident live for his viewers to see. 


Graham is determined to continue documenting his haunting, bringing with him a legion of fans, who are willing to believe anything. But with people trying to debunk his videos, Graham starts getting nervous about the prospect of something worse than any internet shaming!





"Death of a Vlogger may very well be the Paranormal Activity of the YouTube generation." - Slash Film

"Death Of A Vlogger is an innovative, provocative and entertaining portrait of life in the digital world." - Film Stories

"Graham Hughes' manipulative mockumentary tells a sophisticated (maybe) ghost story for the age of the internet" - SciFi Now

"With goosebumps inducing scares, Death of a Vlogger explores a tried and tested sub-genre in a new dynamic way. Graham Hughes very well might have created Paranormal Activity for the vlogging generation." - THN


  • Director

    Graham Hughes

  • Cast

    Graham Hughes, Annabel Logan, Paddy Kondracki

  • Label

    101 Films

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