New Sales Deal Announced with Xenon Pictures

Trinity Creative Partnership confirm they have signed a deal with Xenon Pictures to manage the sales of their Rudy Ray Moore Blaxploitation Collection, in the UK.

Andy Taylor, Commercial Director “Rudy Ray Moore was a legendary pillar of the “Blaxploitation” genre. He started his career as a stand-up comedian in the 1960’s, where he developed the character Dolemite. In the 70’s Rudy went on to make several, now-iconic films, as his alter ego Dolemite. Eddie Murphy then opened the character up to a whole new audience, in his 2019 film Dolemite is My Name the biography of Rudy Ray Moores’ life. We feel there is a great opportunity to promote this catalogue to existing fans, as well as opening up a new wider audience. We are pleased to be working with Xenon Pictures on such a classic, iconic, collection of titles."

The films in the catalogue are Abar: Black Superman / Black Godfather / Black Sister's Revenge / Blackenstein / Ralph Bakshi’s Coonskin / Disco Godfather / Dolemite / Human Tornado / The Legend of Dolemite / Rudy Ray Moore: Live at the Wetlands / Lord Shango / Penitentiary / Penitentiary II / Petey Wheatstraw / Rudy Ray Moore Live / Soul Vengeance  

The Rudy Ray Moore catalogue will be released on numerous digital platforms across the summer of 2021.


Abar: Black Superman: “Strikes fear into the hearts of intolerant racists everywhere” - Rovi

Dolemite: “The Citizen Kane of Kung-fu pimpin' films” – New York Times

Disco Godfather: "Rudy Ray Moore is a comic genius"–

Penitentiary: “Comparisons to Rocky are inevitable, but Penitentiary is too vital and personal to be a copy of anything” – Los Angeles Times 

Soul Vengeance: “Blaxploitation made legendary” –"