21 Movie Streaming Deal Announced with AMC Networks

Trinity Creative Partnership has confirmed a 21 movie SVOD deal with AMC Networks for its Shudder platforms, the package includes 8 movies closed on behalf of 101 films with a further 13 movies included in the package for its other independent clients.

Andy Lyon, Managing Director of 101 Films says “We now represent over 3,500 movies at Trinity Creative, which is packed with quality movies that are perfectly suited to the Shudder platform and we are pleased to be able to conclude a deal with AMC on this important selection of our clients movies”.


Richard Jukes, Director of Digital & TV at Trinity “Having worked with AMC Networks over the years on a number of individual title deals and packages, it is a great pleasure to be collaborating once more on this exciting deal. It is also fantastic to have secured an agreement at this scale and on such a diverse package of titles, including a range of classics such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn Of The Dead, Lake Mungo and What We Do In The Shadows. We look forward to partnering further with AMC over the coming months and years on more classic and new release titles.”