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Continued growth of AVOD revenue helps Trinity maintain its broad base of content distribution

Trinity continues to maintain its broad base of movie and TV content distribution by growing their existing AVOD platform agreements and adding in new platforms.

​Trinity is seeing great returns and growing business across many of its existing AVOD platform agreements, providing curated content sets bespoke for platforms and delivering solid value back to its labels. Trinity is currently closing a number of new platform agreements globally and has recently added AVOD distribution to its existing TVOD agreement with Chili, plus closed an agreement with PLEX to deliver over 300 titles in the launch list. Trinity have also recently closed an agreement with Eyelet Media to deliver TVOD and SVOD content through their network."

Richard Jukes, Trinity's Director of TV & Digital Distribution, says "In a crowded and fragmented market, TVOD and EST business remains strong, and home entertainment releases continue to be well received. The distribution of our content has maintained its breadth and we've been able to build relationships with new networks as well as grow our existing ones".

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