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Purple Beatz to be distributed in North America, UK/Eire and ANZ

Purple Beatz, a new coming-of-age film set in London in the 90s Drum n Bass scene, is set to be distributed by Trinity in Q4.

"Purple Beatz is a great romantic drama with nostalgic themes that is set to do extremely well" says Andy Taylor, Commerical Director for Trinity Creative. "The film has also opened up new opportunties with Jason Matthewson, who co-produced Purple Beatz".

Jason Matthewson of The Old Film Farm Limited says "Today, with more release options available to film makers than ever before it’s imperative to have a really good release strategy in place, before you start your film, not after. Securing a great distributor is not always easy and can be very confusing (sometimes intentionally so)."

He continues "Trinity, from the moment I met them, immediately saw the value in our film and that of the film makers. They made the process really simple and quick. We are delighted to be releasing Purple Beatz in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand this coming October 25th.

We found Trinity to be such great partners, that we will be releasing 3 more titles with them and co-producing my next film HEXED, together with them and 101 Films. Watch this space..."

Purple Beatz will be the opening gala film at the BFI Southbank on July 7th and will then be available on UK and US digital platforms in October 2022.

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