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Sixteen titles confirmed in new catalogue deal with Buffalo 8

Trinity Creative have signed a long-term sales & distribution deal with Buffalo 8 to exclusively manage their new releases and existing library titles across all media in the UK & Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

"It is an honour for us to be working with Buffalo 8 and a great opportunity for us to expand further into UK and international distribution" says Andy Taylor, Commercial Director for Trinity Creative Partnership. "Buffalo 8 projects have been premiered and awarded at Sundance, Berlin, Toronto and SXSW, so it goes to show what an incredible catalogue they have".

​Initial Titles:

  • ​​Givers Of Death (G.O.D.)

  • Day of Disappearance

  • Dark Horse

  • Duality & The Rise Of Graffiti

  • The Finellis

  • This Eddie Murphy Role Is Mine Not Yours

  • Immanence

  • Bums

  • Foter Sin

  • Testament

  • 2020 The Dumpster Fire

  • Normal

  • The Curse Of Professor Zardonicus

  • Be Somebody

  • Stuck In Development

  • Without Ward



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