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"The Audition" to be distributed in North America, UK/Eire and ANZ

The Audition, an exciting new thriller from director Bizhan Tong, will be released through Trinity Creative Partnership.

"This new film, inspired by the pandemic, has an incredible international cast" says Andy Taylor, Commercial Director for Trinity. "It's a brilliant thriller that also creates a familiar experience".

The films director, Bizhan Tong says "The Audition is a tense thriller about how one man's action can have repercussive effects around the globe, shining a light on the state of the world today while providing the entertainment factor of movies like Phone Booth and Saw."

He continues "It has been a joy to work with Trinity on The Audition, whose support is paramount in bringing the film to its audience, while their continued commitment to excellence ensures they are a name synonymous with great genre filmmaking, of which we hope The Audition will stand among them.."

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