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Trinity Creative Partnership strikes another exclusive distribution deal.

"We are really pleased with this deal," says Andy Taylor, Commercial Director for Trinity Creative Partnership. "Darkside Releasing distributes select films internationally and everyone on the team is passionate about bringing innovative, outrageous, and wild movies to audiences around the world. This fits in well with our ethos and we hope this will be the start of a long partnership, working on many more titles in the future."

Vince D'Amato, Managing Partner for Darkside Releasing in Canada, says "We're so happy to be working with Trinity Creative Partnership. We've been huge fans of their releases for several years now and we're so pleased to be able to work together on obtaining films from wildly talented filmmakers out in the UK".

List of titles:

  • I Am an Addict

  • Monstrous Disunion

  • Planet Zee

  • Domina Nocturna

  • Demon Inside, The

  • Deprivation

  • Tethered


  • Killer Piñata

  • Polterheist

  • Brides of Satan

  • Built to Kill

  • Fusion Generation, The

  • White Night

  • Black Forest, The (A Mata Negra)

  • Lloyd the Conqueror

  • Devil's Familiar, The

  • Season of the Witch

  • Blood Empires

  • Chopping Block

  • Claudia's Holiday

  • Dames and Dreams

  • Danger God – aka Love & Other Stunts

  • Day of the Stranger

  • Discover Kaspar

  • Escape Room: Quest of Fear

  • Glass

  • Lightest Darkness, The

  • Odissea Della Morte

  • Pharmacist, The

  • Picture of Beauty

  • PsyBorgs

  • Reversed

  • Soviet Zombie Invasion

  • Sticks

  • Take Back the Knife

  • Things Fall Apart

  • Yesterday

In addition to the 38 exclusive titles, Trinity have also signed a non-exclusive deal for a further 10 films:

  • ​Truth will Out, The

  • 7 Sins

  • Girls, Guns & Blood

  • Hyde's Secret Nightmare

  • Lonely Hearts

  • Millenial Killer, The

  • Motorpsycho Maniacs

  • Specialist, The

  • Stab Kill Die

  • Submerged

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