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Trinity secures all rights deal for historical drama

Trinity Creative Partnership Secures All Rights Deal for "Love, Courage, and the Battle for Bushy Run"

Trinity Creative Partnership is thrilled to announce the signing of an all rights deal for the distribution of the much-anticipated film "Love, Courage, and the Battle for Bushy Run." This historical drama, set against the backdrop of the Battle of Bushy Run in 1763, promises to captivate audiences with its gripping narrative.

About the Film:

The Battle of Bushy Run, a significant event during Pontiac's War, unfolds in the aftermath of Britain's triumph over France in 1763. This clash of cultures and strategies during a time of immense tension in the American Colonies takes centre stage. As Native tribes, driven by fear of British retaliation, unite under the leadership of Ottawa Chief Pontiac, the film explores the unconventional and brutal tactics employed in their quest to capture Fort Pitt. Simultaneously, Colonel Henry Bouquet and his diverse group of British soldiers, Scottish Highlanders, and American volunteers find themselves tasked with protecting the lives of hundreds who face certain doom within Fort Pitt. This lesser-known chapter of history is brought to life in a dramatic tale of survival and strategy.

Andy Taylor, Commercial Director for Trinity, remarked, "We're excited to have secured an all rights deal and believe this film will help do justice for this incredible story. Based on a true story that changed the course of history, this captivating drama is set to make waves in the entertainment industry."

"Love, Courage, and the Battle for Bushy Run" promises to shed light on the untold stories of this battle, which became a defining moment in American history. With Trinity Creative Partnership at the helm, this film is poised to become a must-see production for audiences throughout the UK.



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