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Trinity signs an exclusive deal with Maxim Media Marketing for 30 titles

Trinity Creative Partnership has signed an all-rights deal with Maxim Media to manage the sales in the UK and Eire.

"As a leading distributor of independent genre films, Maxim Media's catalogue is impressive, and we're really looking forward to working with them on these selected titles and building a long-term relationship" says Andy Taylor, Commercial Director for Trinity Creative Partnership.

Titles In The Deal:

  1. Clinton Road

  2. Altered Hours

  3. Black Creek

  4. Evolution Of Evil

  5. Red Venom Kills

  6. Don't Let the Devil In

  7. Revelator

  8. Definition of Fear

  9. Honeyspider

  10. Buried Cain

  11. Misogynist

  12. Ridge War Z

  13. Scavenger Killers

  14. House, The

  15. Drive-In Horrorshow

  16. Expedition: Director's Cut, The

  17. Insight of Evil

  18. Greetings

  19. Bloodmyth

  20. Hell's Highway

  21. Monsturd

  22. Grave Caller

  23. Beautiful Prison

  24. Ghost Note

  25. Wake, The

  26. Capture Kill Release

  27. Raking, The

  28. Strip Club Massacre

  29. Teenage Ghost Punk

  30. Eternal Damn Nation



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