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Mask of Thorn
  • Mask of Thorn

    Mask of Thorn is the 6th feature length production from Independent studio Mycho Entertainment. Taking us back to the 80's to discover the origins of Thorn. Influenced by classic films like Terminator, Halloween and Mad Max, Mask of Thorn brings together an eclectic mix of Horror, Action and SciFi to present a unique take on the classic slasher formula.


    ​Bethany Lovell has struggled to fit in her whole life. Between over bearing parents and her odd behaviour she has always felt like she was on the outside. That is until Avondale's popular clique kidnap her for a surprise birthday party to celebrate her sweet sixteen.


    What they don't realise is that Bethany is now the target of the urban legend known as 'Thorn' and tonight he has returned for her and nothing will stand in his way, as the Bloodletting Behemoth cuts his way through the small town in search of his latest victim and only one person can stop him.

    • Director

      MJ Dixon

    • Cast

      Eve Kathryn Oliver, Sophie Bryant, Maria Lee Metheringham

    • Label

      101 Films

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