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In both physical and digital trade, Trinity sets up for positive sales growth in 2021

In 2021, Trinity Creative Partnership's sales have experienced a solid start against the backdrop of a shrinking market, compounded by many non-essential retailers - including HMV - having been closed for much of the year.

Trinity has navigated its way through this difficult and challenging period by reporting a 14% increase in physical sales across its third-party clients, despite the 42% decline in physical sales across the UK. Trinity also reports strong sales gains in TV and digital in 2021, with a raft of new TV and SVOD deals recently announced with Sky, BBC, Channel 5, Rakuten, London Live, AMC Shudder, and the BFI.

Andy Lyon, MD of Trinity, says, "There are significant challenges facing the industry as a whole, and Trinity is no exception. Despite the storm, we have continued to grow across all media platforms. As one of the UK's leading independent physical distributors for much of the last two decades, we're pleased to have accelerated our growth in digital, TV, video on demand and subscription services. We are reaping the benefits of our effort in these areas.”

Andy Taylor, commercial director added “A number of factors have contributed to this growth; in 2020, we expanded our working relationship with Second Sight and Anime Ltd to include the management of their digital content. We’ve also bought on new label partners; Bohemia, The Patriot Group and Danse Macabre. Each of these labels brings a unique blend of content to our ever-evolving portfolio. Last year we also partnered with film agents like Shoreline, Mar Vista, Devil Works, RavenBanner, and Prolific Pictures to assist with their UK releases.”

In addition, Trinity's physical business grew in 2021. Andy Taylor continued “Even as the UK physical market declines year on year, we have seen a steady increase in sales at Trinity, so we remain optimistic that there is still a long-term need for physical products in the UK. The lack of studio content has allowed good quality titles to remain in the supermarkets longer and achieve strong sales. "Label partners such as 101 Films, Second Sight, BFI, Anime Ltd and Signal One Entertainment focus on collector's Blu-ray and 4K releases and, although the overall market is down, this sector continues to be very robust.”

Chris at Second Sight stated “With the general market for physical media continuing to decline, we’re very pleased to see the complete reverse and a very healthy increase in our year-on-year figures. Our business in this sector continues to grow, with a dedicated customer base hungry for physical media, presented with the right care and attention to detail. We are pleased to continue our very successful relationship with our sales partner Trinity and, with a strong slate scheduled for this year and into next, we see a very bright future.”

Head of Acquisitions for 101 Films, Steve Davey states “With the unique sales focus and drive that the team at Trinity shows every day, 101 Films has seen exponential growth in its digital, TV, SVOD, and AVOD numbers over the last two years. 101 continues to make significant investments in its new release schedule and we continue to build on our library, which has almost 2,000 films in it. We trust Trinity will maximise our revenues across all media and platforms, which gives us the confidence to keep investing.”

Andy Caley, Head of Acquisitions at Bohemia Media says "Since April 2020, when we at Bohemia Media stepped into distribution, we have acquired over 100 titles, a BAFTA nomination and have set up own own VOD platform, Bohemia Euphoria. As viewers can now be reached globally thanks to digital outlets making stories more accessible than ever before, our relationship with Trinity has been imperative to ensuring that our titles, which are all by and about marginalised communities, reach that scale of audience. We are able to bring stories to people who have been made to live on the fringes of society and have them see themselves in all their gloriousness."



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