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Trinity Creative to handle the sales of Rudy Ray Moore's Blaxploitation Collection in the UK

Andy Taylor, Commercial Director "Rudy Ray Moore was an influential figure in the "Blaxploitation" genre. In the 1960s, he began his career as a stand-up comedian where he developed the character Dolemite. Later, Rudy had the opportunity to play Dolemite in a number of now-iconic films. Eddie Murphy reintroduced the character to a whole new audience in his 2019 film Dolemite is My Name, a biography of Rudy Ray Moores." He continued "We believe there's an opportunity to promote this catalogue to existing fans, as well as to introduce it to a wider audience. Our team is excited to be collaborating with Xenon Pictures on this classic, iconic collection."

The films in the catalogue are Abar: Black Superman / Black Godfather / Black Sister's Revenge / Blackenstein / Ralph Bakshi’s Coonskin / Disco Godfather / Dolemite / Human Tornado / The Legend of Dolemite / Rudy Ray Moore: Live at the Wetlands / Lord Shango / Penitentiary / Penitentiary II / Petey Wheatstraw / Rudy Ray Moore Live / Soul Vengeance.


Abar: Black Superman: “Strikes fear into the hearts of intolerant racists everywhere” - Rovi

Dolemite: “The Citizen Kane of Kung-fu pimpin' films” – New York Times

Disco Godfather: "Rudy Ray Moore is a comic genius"–

Penitentiary: “Comparisons to Rocky are inevitable, but Penitentiary is too vital and personal to be a copy of anything” – Los Angeles Times

Soul Vengeance: “Blaxploitation made legendary” –

The Rudy Ray Moore catalogue will be released on numerous digital platforms across the summer of 2021.



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