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Two Movie Deal Signed with Moviehouse

Trinity have signed a deal with Moviehouse Enterainment for No Place (all UK & Eire rights) and Blood Highway (all UK, Eire and North America - including Canada - rights).

"Our relationship with Moviehouse continues to prosper" says Andy Taylor, Commercial Director for Trinity Creative Partnership. "Moviehouse handle a wide variety of genres that we know do well in the current market and we anticipate great things for these two new movies".

The Films

Blood Highway - Written and directed by DB Morgan and starring Frank Jakeman and Leona Clarke , Blood Highway sees an absent father driving his heavily pregnant daughter to hospital in the dead of night. On their way, they're involved in a horrific car accident. With limited odds of survival and the birth imminent, the pair are thrust into the fight of their lives. Based on incredible real events.

No Place - Written and directed by Peter Matsoukas and starring Benjamin Madrid and Afton Sheppard. Hustler Mac is on one last hustle in Indianapolis, set up by an old flame. But soon he finds that his past has caught up with him and he may not make it out alive.



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